Let’s do this!

Here I go again. 

Yes, here I go again, another blog.


Why not?!

Third times the charm? Hell I don’t know.

But this time around, it’s real. It’s not sugar coating to get likes (likes are great, thank you!) it’s not to get the most followers (again, appreciated and loved) BUT this is honestly for me. You are just here, reading my crazy life stories, product reviews and favorite recipes….oh and whatever the hell else I decided to BLOG about.

Why did I delete my other blogs?

You know when you break up with someone, you delete them off your Social Media, burn their pictures, toss their clothes in the trash and do a happy dance of “good riddance”. It was kind of like that. I was overwhelmed, very pregnant with baby girl #3, stressed with our situation, stressed with school and dealing with very heavy depression. So I broke up with a few things, that blog included.

This time around I don’t plan on softening my tone. I cuss alot. Everyday. If that bothers you, tough shit and move on.

I will talk about my family, husband, kids and dogs. Happy days, sad days and the shit days in between. My favorite recipes, recipes we try, recipes my teenager makes up and things I find delicious. I will bitch about my working out, brag about my work outs and how happy I am that I did it or how sore I am the next day. I will share intimate moments of my life and stuff people just don’t talk about, but hey I need this off my chest, so why not share with the world wide web.

Think of it as a diary of a 33 year old female who is trying to figure out her life, when she thought she would have it all figured out by now. 

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