Recipe Review

Chicken Enchilada Soup Review

I love spicy food but it doesn’t always love me back.

I’m on a journey to lose a bunch of weight I have gained since 2015. Due to thyroid issues and having two babies back to back (oops). So when we want to lose weight, we have to cut calories, with REAL food, not fake processed stuff.

I stumbled across a recipe for this “Chicken Enchilada Soup” by Skinny Taste (I was not asked to review this BTW, just my own opinions listed here, from someone who loves to eat).

First off, not very expensive to make permitting you have some of the basics on hand already. I had some of the ingredients in stock however I did need to purchase a few other things we didn’t have in our pantry or fridge. I spent around $15. That might seem like a lot when on a budget, for one soup. BUT it makes 6 servings, plus I can incorporate the left over ingredients into other meals. That being said, I think it was worth the money I spent.

Secondly, It was a rainy cold day in Southern Arizona, so this felt perfect to make! EVERYONE (minus the infant) ate the soup! That makes this momma happy, when she isn’t making two to three meals!

Third, it is something I will make again, just less spicy on my side due to not wanting to add the dairy portion to cool down the heat from the chili.

Lastly, if you try this recipe please drop me a comment and let me know what you think! I enjoyed it and my family either amused me or they actually enjoyed it!

Chicken Enchilada Soup
Warm bowl of soup and dog staring desperately …..


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