Brandless Review

I recently ordered a large box of items from Brandless.

I’m sure you’ve seen the adds for this company if you use social media. They are constantly popping up with overly excited people opening their Brandless box. (I almost recorded myself doing this but just couldn’t go through with it.) Everything is $3 or two things for $3.

I ordered something from pretty much every category. Candy, pancake mix, maple syrup, honey, wooden spoons, spatulas, tissues and some trail mix.

I wanted it all!

I’m pleased with pretty much everything I ordered and the price was under $40 for this box of goodies.

My biggest disappointment are the wooden utensils. I love to cook with wooden spoons and spatulas however the wooden spotter and spoon have metal over the ends which makes it HOT to touch if left in the pot (which I do often). The look gorgeous but aren’t that practical for me. I could do without the pretty metal end on the turner and spoon.

The gluten free pancake mix and real maple syrup were a hit! We had a great Sunday brunch with that.

The hand soap is my favorite item to date! I chose the Cranberry Spice and it smells lovely and lathers up really well.

The candy was very loved by my kids and my husband enjoyed the trail mixes. Not stuff I eat too much of but I did enjoy a couple bites and can confirm they were delicious.

We have to do a lot of dairy free products and the company does pay attention to their listing details, that was a plus!

Would I order from Brandless again? Possibly.

Have you purchased anything from them? Leave me a comment with what you loved or hated.

The opinions listed are my own, regarding products I purchased myself. I have no affiliate to this company.

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