Merry Christmas

I would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas from our family to yours.

This Christmas is special to me, it is our youngest daughters first Christmas. Now while she is merely 6 months old and the only thing she cares about is a dry diaper, full belly and maybe a safety zone away from her toddler sister, it brings me joy to wrap gifts for her and put them under the tree.

Our toddler is our wild child, she is celebrating her 2nd Christmas. While we try to make it magical on all levels, I hope she enjoys the simple gifts we’ve selected. I know she found joy with the Christmas tree and decorations we’ve put up around the home.

My oldest, the teenager, is celebrating her 13th year of this Holiday. I’ve had to share all holidays with her dad since our divorce and she gets to celebrate it twice. While I share custody with her dad, he was nice enough to let her stay home to help me around the house for a week following my surgery. I can only hope she enjoys her gifts as much as I enjoyed shopping for them! (Side note, shopping for a teenager can either be the most magical and fun experience or the worst shopping experience ever, really it is a toss up).

I remind myself it isn’t about the gifts, it’s about who you spend it with and the memories you make. I hope my girls make memories and don’t get caught up on the materialistic side.

This Christmas I’m recovering from gallbladder surgery and I’m still trying to make everything magical AF around here and yet keep it as simple as possible. The memories are what’s important to me, so I hope my efforts of making things perfect around here and keeping everything simple and easy going, down to Christmas dinner that I may or may not get to eat, I’m still going to do it for my kids (husband too) to make memories.

I know when anyone asks us what we want for a gift we always answer nothing. The truth is, I want one thing and that is to spend the holidays with our families. It’s that simple, families make memories and I want that for myself, my husband and our girls.

We are home this holiday, keeping it simple and making memories. I’m so blessed to be spending it with my sweet, sweet husband and our three girls.

Cheers to you and yours on this beautiful Christmas holiday. Stay safe, stay merry and keep it simple.

❤️ Kristi

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