It’s been almost two months since I last wrote a blog. Alot has happened in our life since Christmas Eve. I can’t share it all, we just aren’t there yet, but I can share some.

I had my gallbladder removed 12/21/2018 and found myself back in the hospital due to complications on 12/30/2018. I was admitted to the hospital 12/31/2018 and underwent another procedure on my bile duct due to my whole body being inflamed and causing a blockage. I had an ERCP with Sphincterotomy done and then had to stay in the hospital until 01/2/2019 which is when I was able to keep food down and have a BM. Always exciting I tell ya.

Having my gallbladder removed was really scary for me, I have never had a major procedure done, other than having my tonsils removed as a teenager. Something about getting older and something to live for like an amazing husband and three gorgeous kids, makes you scared to do anything, because the thought of being without them makes me sad. Then having complications on top of it, not having my husband at the hospital with me, because he had to be at home with the kids (we don’t have family or friends near by), made things 1000 times worse. I go to my husband for everything and when I had to go under for another procedure, I woke up to strangers, not him. It was awful.

This past year has taught us that family is everything and we want to be near them as much as possible. We are stuck in Southern Arizona for now, with the hopes of once my oldest graduates High School in about 4 years, we will move out of here and find our forever home. With that as something to look at, I am determined to finish my associates degree before she graduates High School.

With my youngest turning one in June, I have been looking at going back to work, but I’m stuck between I want to go back to work and bye girls to OMG I DONT WANT TO MISS ANYTHING WITH THEM and get super emotional and sad with the thought of someone else caring for them while I’m chugging away at a job. However, I know the girls will thrive around other children, along with bringing home tons of germs. Ugh.

To be turning 34 this year and not having a clue what I still want to do, kills me slowly inside. I hope to someday know what I want to do. I mean I know what I WANT to do but can’t do that here in Arizona.

So I’m all over the place with this blog, I apologize but this is what my brain appears to be 24/7. Be back sooner than the last time, I just need to attend to my fussy 8 month old.




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