From the heart

Goodbye Best Friend, I miss you already

Last week our family had a very hard decision to make.

Duchess, my 14.5 year old chihuahua had been diagnosed with kidney failure and her other organs were starting to go quickly. She was having accidents all over and I will spare you the yucky details.

My three girls and I were out of town still, visiting family. We had to decide to put her down the next day or wait till we got home.

My husband and I talked at great lengths and decided that letting her go to the rainbow bridge 3/13/19 was best, so she wasn’t in any pain. This was hard, I wanted one last nap with her, one last kick from her on my hand and I wanted that for my girls too.

My husband had to do this alone, take his favorite dog of 8 years and put her to rest. We put her down and had her cremated. I know that’s not everyone’s wishes with their pet, but that’s what we wanted.

My husband picked up her ashes this week and when he handed her to me, I completely lost it. My little furry best friend is in a small box. I just miss her so much. She was just the sweetest chihuahua to our family. She was the prettiest chihuahua too!

I love you forever Duchess, I miss you. Duchess was a present to me from my oldest daughters family, when I was 8 months pregnant with my oldest. She was the smallest little puppy I had ever seen. I have so many great memories of her, so many memories of her with all three of my girls. Elvis, our pug mix, misses her very much and it’s very sad to walk into our house and she isn’t there to great us. So sad. However I’m so thankful she was apart of our lives for over 14 years. ❤️

❤️, Kristi

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