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Have you heard of community acupuncture before? I haven’t. Since I’m on my health and wellness journey, I was on the hunt for an acupuncturist and came across this concept of community acupuncture.

I was recently diagnosed with cervical spinal stenosis in my C6 – C7. I have heard acupuncture could ease some of the symptoms I’m having. I have always wanted to try acupuncture and I was researching acupuncturists in Tucson when I came across several with wonderful reviews but a bit out of my budget, so I kept scrolling. I came across one that described itself as a “Community Acupuncturist” and I kept reading about it and then booked an appointment for the next day!

Have you heard of community acupuncture? I hadn’t heard of it but I was curious so I clicked this link!

When I arrived to my appointment, I was greeted and then given the usual paperwork to fill out. I paid my fee and then I met with Michele, who was incredibly nice and easy to talk to. We went over the paperwork in private, she asked questions and as I responded she wrote them down. She said she would handle my stiffness in my neck and also work on my sinuses. (Wow, I get both things taken care of in one visit?! 😮)

I was asked to choose a table, take my shoes off, roll up my pants to my knees, remove my glasses and lay down comfortably face up. She then pricked my face around my sinuses and just kept going all over my body. No warning, but I assume she didn’t because people will tense up?

Getting acupuncture was not painful, I would say it reminded me of getting pricked by a cactus, only on a few spots, but I honestly didn’t feel it most of the time. I lost count after 20 needles (totally looked like a voodoo doll and wish I had a picture) but I know they were placed on my face, scalp, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, knees and feet.

After 45 minutes of relaxing with needles all over, Michele came back and removed the needles and checked on how I was doing. This doesn’t hurt either but I did have a few bleeders afterwards and then I was good to go.

Now let me explain what a “Community Acupuncture ” is: It is a place for acupuncture to be performed in a large room, with individual tables for this to be performed on. You are provided with a pillow and blanket if needed. All needles are sterile of course and only used once. This allows the costs to be cut down and you are able to pay on a sliding scale. This insures more patients to be seen at the same time, therefore the acupuncturists still make an income while providing their work.

  • You will be around others.
  • You will be sharing your time with others in the same room.
  • You don’t undress, you are pulling pant legs up and sleeves up. Even saw someone in just a bra. Hey whatever works for you.
  • The room has calming lights and music, but it’s not enough to drown out others nearby.
  • Earplugs are recommended if you don’t like the sound of others conversations, coughing, snoring and so forth.
  • You are welcome to bring your own blanket and pillow to your session.
  • You are allowed to pay what you can within their sliding scale

Now, this isn’t going to be for everyone and I get that. We all like privacy and we all like to keep to ourselves however, if you find yourself on a budget, wanting to feel better and need a new experience to reach that by all means give this a try.

I went in to this not knowing what to expect. I enjoyed it, I left feeling fine and not in any pain. I was not as stiff as I was the day of this experience when I went in, which is a total win for me. I’m excited for my next appointment and hope it helps even more so!

If you’ve tried acupuncture or community acupuncture leave me a comment on your experiences 👇

All opinions expressed are my own.

❤️, Kristi

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