Holiday's Made Simple

Keeping Easter Simple

It’s Spring time! That means time outside, time to play, BBQ’s and Easter of course!

Our house believes in “The Easter bunny” and it brings baskets of goodness for our kids. I try my best to keep that as simple as possible for me, I mean the Easter Bunny, my budget and our three kids.

Here are some ideas to make your Easter baskets a hit and NOT hurt your brain.

The rules I follow:

  1. Purchase something they need or you will need to buy them in the near future (swimsuit, summer outfit, PJs)
  2. Purchase something to snack on (or make it, if you are into that sort of thing)
  3. Purchase Easter candy (or again…make it, if you are into that sort of thing)
  4. Easter themed toy, book or “fancy” toiletries for tweens/teens
  5. Keep it simple, keep it in YOUR budget and remember to buy yourself a piece of candy, because your kids probably wont share.

My favorite “budget” friendly stores are Marshall’s, Target and Dollar Tree stores.

I created a suggestion list based on different age groups below:

0-18 Month Easter BasketAge Group: 0-18 months

  • Pacifiers
  • Puff Snacks or Teething Biscuits for Babies over 9+ months
  • Teething toy
  • Board book
  • Clothes/sun hats/ Swimsuits
  • Stuffed bunny

img_7529Age Group 18 -36 Months

  • Clothes/Swimsuit/Swim trunks/ Sun hats
  • Chalk/Bubbles
  • Board Books
  • Cars/Trucks/Balls
  • Favorite snacks
  • Stuffed Bunny

Age Group 4-8 Years Old

  • Swimsuit/Swim Trunks/Beach Towel
  • Chalk/Bubbles/Kite/Slime Kit
  • Books or a DVD
  • Favorite snacks
  • Easter themed candy

Age Group 9+

  • Swimsuit/Swim trunks/Clothes/Gift Card
  • Easter themed candy
  • Favorite snacks
  • Book by their favorite author or subject

Do you hide plastic Easter eggs? We do!! We, I mean the Easter freaking bunny, hides plastic eggs for the kids in our house, not outside because it’s hot here.

Plastic Easter egg hunts can become a costly event and pre made store bought ones are full of candy which then loads the kids up on sugar. So I have purchased plastic eggs last year and saved them to save a few bucks. This year they are filled with snacks, not candy for my toddler and a few for our infant. I’m not huge on candy in the house but you do you.

Do you dye eggs? Do you make them for the kids or have them help? I can get away with not doing that this year, so we aren’t doing that.

I hope your family has a great Easter holiday! If you have any tips on budget friendly and simple Easter decor or baskets, please leave me a comment!πŸ‘‡


❀️, Kristi

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