Friday Night Date Night

My husband and I have been married nearly 5 years and together for about 8. Time had flown by, we are a lot busier now with three kids than we were even three years ago. I will choose to date my husband over and over, to make our marriage stronger.

Our last date, just the two of us that didn’t involve errands or a quick lunch and to actually get dressed up and make plans to go out, was about 3 years ago.

Going out now requires plans, saving money and finding an ounce of energy. It’s tough, for sure! However we are trying our best to make more of an effort for one another because we need that. Our life has been so stressful, depressing and frustrating and in an effort to not take it out one another, we are trying to be more proactive with our relationship.

Last night we planned for a week, to make it happen. We decided to go to the casino down the road from our community. Our oldest babysat, she is 14 after all and wants money all the time so what better opportunity to earn some cash while watching your baby sisters who are already asleep?

Which, that alone is a chore. My husband and I joked how it’s tough to plan these dates. By the time we are going out it was after 8pm, we were drained from dinner, baths and bed time. Regardless, we got dressed nicely and did it!

We got to the casino, ordered a drink each and got our players cards, they track the times you go to the casino I guess, honestly I’m not entirely sure.

We set a budget to spend and after that we were done. My husband always has good luck but I don’t so we didn’t lose any but didn’t win anything, we broke even🤦🏼‍♀️. We grabbed a snack and one more drink while listening to a local DJ who was playing a peculiar mixture of country music and Latin music. We enjoyed it though, we also watched an older couple line dance to Midland and then we decided to call it a night. We also made the remark we need to learn to dance.

One thing we forgot about Casinos is that you can smoke in them. I gave up smoking nearly 9 years ago and I cannot stand the smell of it. Casinos do pump in oxygen and have great vents to remove the smoke, but fuck it stinks. That really cemented it for me and I’m not missing it.

We enjoyed our night out, we were able to have a real conversation without being interrupted by our kids, phones or anything else. It was needed, badly for one another and our health. Spending quality time with the ones you love is proven to keep your mental and emotional health, healthier. I look forward to next months date night, it will be fabulous and not at a casino LOL!

What do you and your significant other do to keep things happy and healthy in your relationship?

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