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Beginning My Weight Loss Journey

I’m on a weight loss journey and for me that’s a HUGE thing. I have always struggled with weight, it’s typically fluctuated since I was a kid. Most recently it’s because I gained alot of weight having two of my girls back to back. I went from finding out I had a thyroid problem in 2016 after putting on nearly 20 pounds in a year and was unable to get pregnant, to getting pregnant and breastfeeding to getting pregnant again by the time my 2nd daughter was 8 months old. OOPS!

So just as I started to get back into the groove of losing weight after my 2nd daughter, I found myself pregnant with my last. During my pregnancy I was dealing with emotional eating because it took me nearly 12 years to have my 2nd child (for many reasons) and now within 17 months of having that 2nd baby, I was going to be giving birth to my 3rd child and that was tough to process!

I took that term “eating for 2” to the stomach….literally. I gained 29 pounds during that pregnancy and ended up at 233 pounds when I went to give birth to my miss Mackenzie , my biggest baby of all, in June 2018.

I knew I would drop most of the 29 pounds within a year, but I’m still hanging onto the 14 pounds I didn’t lose with my 2nd daughter and the 18 pounds I had gained since I got married in 2014!

After all my emotional eating this past year, for many different reasons, I’m still fat. I’ve been dealing with my brothers death, postpartum depression, failed friendship, having gallbladder surgery and then a procedure following that to fix an issue that occurred.

I just started to focus on my health in the past month, because everything else is falling apart around me, I better focus on my health, get well inside and out and keep moving forward.

I started tracking my calories, which isn’t fun at all, however I find it necessary to stay on track for now. I have a fitness app called “My Fitness Pal” and that allows me to track my calories, activity and water intake. If you pay for the premium services you can track macros. I’m still learning how to do that, so that’s not a feature I need at this moment.

I try to get active no less than 3 times a week, no matter what’s going on. Of course being active more is better. For those turns I shoot for a minimum of 20 minutes of pure activity for myself. If I’m working out with my kids on a walk or jog and we stop at the park, I try to do squats or work on my arms while they play. Again, life doesn’t always go as planned and I’m really learning to go with the flow.

I’m trying my best to stay on this healthy lifestyle journey for me, my husband and my kids.

What motivates you to stay healthy? What caused you to gain weight or become unhealthy in the first place?

Drop me a comment below with your response! 👇

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