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My Husband

This is Daniel, my husband.

The man of my dreams, my knight in shining armor and my mister. All mine. I love this man with all my heart ❤️! He loves me hard, harder than anyone has loved me. What do I mean? (Not that!) I mean, I’m not a fucking peach to deal with most days. I’m challenging, difficult, a hot mess at times and yet he still loves me. No matter what.

We are your typical 30 something married couple, we love to Netflix and chill and that means Netflix with Schitt’s Creek and eat Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream 🤣. We have 3 kids, a house in the suburbs and do that whole family life thing. Very rarely, I mean RARELY, we go on a date together.

We met in our late 20’s after my divorce, I came with baggage and he didn’t. BUT he didn’t care, he loved me for the crazy hot mess mom I was (still am, little less hot little more chunk) but me. He loves my oldest as his own (they even team up against me), he is an amazing father and amazing person. We have 2 daughters together, he is just amazing with them.

He is a great guy, cracks jokes constantly and I love that. Compliments my cooking 🙌🏻 and always agrees to my crazy shenanigans!

Surprisingly even though we seem perfect for one another, we have some flaws. We are both very stubborn people and life isn’t always easy, the past couple years since having our kids, life has thrown some major curve balls along our way. With so many other ones financially and now my health has declined but he has been my supporter through it all. We’ve worked out a lot about our marriage and goals, it’s been hard, but we keep working on it, everyday. We’ve been in a dark place from time to time, but we are learning who we are at 30 something with 3 kids, a mortgage and our dreams getting closer day by day.

We don’t have family to lean on, we have each other and our kids. It’s not easy, but I can’t imagine going through my life without him and our girls. He is my rock, my best friend and means the world to me. Cheers to someday, getting past this toughness we are facing and at least we have one another. Chunkiness, babies and all.

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