Health & Wellness

Slowly Hitting My Goals

I wanted to stay in my pjs this morning, so badly. Our youngest is going trough a sleep regression and nobody is sleeping. But regardless of wanting to stay cozy and sip coffee with my husband on his day off while the kids “slept in” or at this point slept, I took advantage of him being home and I went for a jog.

My goal was 2 miles today, I wasn’t worried about the timing as much as I usually do, just hit the distance of 2 miles. Im proud of myself, I kept moving and I exceeded that goal by half a mile!

My ultimate goal is to hit 34 miles by my 34th birthday. I’m slowly making progress and have less than a month to do it, I’m hoping I hit that goal!

What goals do you have for yourself?

Drop me a comment below, maybe we can work on those goals together! 👇

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