From the heart

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day! I hope you are celebrating with the ones you love. I know this holiday is hard for some, my mom I know for sure. She lost my brother, her son, last year right before Mother’s Day and I know it is hard to “celebrate” when grieving.

While some of us get to celebrate with our children, For some, this day hits hard due to the loss of a child, another year of infertility or the struggle with adoption. I will pray for you. I pray you become the parent you are yearning to be, it’s pretty magical and beautiful while being crazy and maddening at times. But I will pray you will get that beautiful crazy joy in your life. You deserve it.

Today, I get to celebrate with my three beautiful girls at home, in my PJs. I honestly love it. No need to dress up and head out, just being home is a joy with all three girls.

This is Samantha, my oldest, she made me a mom at the age of 19, while young at the time, she taught me so much about life and what it truly means to make the best of what you got, strive for a better future not only for her but for us. I love this young woman so much!

Charlotte, my toddler. Oye this girl. She pushes my buttons daily with her craziness and demanding little personality but she is an absolute joy. I love this girl so much, she was dreamed of for many years and finally came to me in 2017.

Mackenzie, my “SURPRISE we did it again” baby girl. I wasn’t expecting her so soon and yet so glad I got her when I did! She is the most demanding infant I have ever given birth too and yet so cuddly, our little diva. I love this girl so much! But she has made me realize my limit of baby cries, up and down all night will end with her. My third little girl, is my last.

I love all my girls, with all  my heart and I’m blessed to be called mom, mommy and momma. I cannot imagine my crazy life without them, mainly because they make me crazy. They truly are the best part of my life, besides my awesome husband.

Happy Mother’s Day! 🌸🌺🌼How are you celebrating?


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