From the heart

Throwback to my 8th Grade Promotion

I block alot of negative out of my life, but then I find photos of an event and it takes me back to that day. Fuck. 8th grade promotion, what a day.

My dad flew in from Hawaii, to finish some business but made time to see me promote from 8th grade. My mom was present, took the day off of work, with her big ass video camera in tow, pointing at me the whole time. I remember it being outside, cloudy and I believe at the High School I was to attend the following year.

The dress I had to have was ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!! I thought it was cool as shit though!

It was not.

Let me just say “Flames” were involved and it was way too sexy for an 8th grader, no worries though! Being apart of the itty bitty titty club (yes that was a thing) and being taller than most and wearing chunky heels on top of that. I made this slinky dress look like I was a drag queen in it! 🤦🏼‍♀️

Truly, horrible that my mom let me out of the house in that and that my parents even let me buy that ridiculous shit. I found it at Hot Topic, I was such a dumb girl and did not belong in that store for the life of me, but that was the place to be! Don’t forget the ridiculous clips that most likely had glitter on them, in my hair. My choker! Because chokers were totally in, in 1999!

Here is proof of this dress and out of respect for the two other ladies in the original photo, who looked stunning, I cropped them out of it.

Can we just say, I’m thankful there aren’t very many photos or social media back in the day! Also, it’s not fair that middle schoolers these days don’t have ugly pictures. Not cool!

Share your 8th grade or middle school promotion picture below 👇, no you won’t be entered in to win anything but we will gladly laugh at you too! 😜

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