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Vasectomy Day!

My husband has an appointment this morning for a vasectomy! We are both elated and super stoked and can’t wait for it to be over with!!

Coming to the decision of not having more kids wasn’t very hard because after our last daughter was born, we just knew we were done having kids. In fact we talked about getting this done during the last pregnancy because we were in fact over it.

We contemplated both options, for myself to undergo a tubal ligation or him doing a vasectomy. For him the first answer was a vasectomy, I of course elected to get the tubal ligation as well but my husband felt it was best for him to do the vasectomy because it’s an out patient procedure. I just don’t want to produce any more kids, ever, and would love to get my tubes tied as well.

Since his procedure is an outpatient appointment, we elected to do this first. If I had to have a c section during that last pregnancy I would have asked for my tubal then. If I ever have to have a procedure done on my ovaries or uterus you can bet I will ask they cut my tubes then too. But for now we are doing just the vasectomy, since I can’t get anyone to watch the kids while I recover from a major surgery.

My husband has said he isn’t nervous and absolutely excited to get this over with. I am too. So excited, I made a countdown clock on my instagram page and I even made him a chocolate cake to celebrate us not having more kids! (Yay! No more!)

Having that third kid, I love her dearly, just really made us not want anymore, ever. No we don’t want to make an even number, no we don’t want to try for a boy, no we aren’t that young and may change our minds, no we don’t think we will regret this decision, ever. Yes we thought this through. Yes, we are absolutely sure we are done having kids. Yes, this is worth it.

I don’t want to be told I need to try for a boy anymore! Absolutely sick of that! We are happy with 3 girls and our family of 5, so snip snip! Here we go!

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