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Moby Fit Baby Carrier

I love baby wearing! I was given an opportunity to try the new Moby Fit for free. I received this Moby Fit for the purpose of my review on a website. All opinions expressed are my own.

Baby wearing makes life feel like you can do all the things!! It is so easy to put your infant or toddler into a baby wearing device when shopping, cleaning the house, walking around the block or just to calm those fussy butts.

I’ve had my share of baby carriers in the past two and a half years, some I loved and some I could do without.

The Moby Fit looks more like what I’m used to using and I was eager to try it.

The instructions are a crucial part of using any baby wearing device, I recommend you read them over before trying to use any baby wearing devices and if possible have someone double check your device before you insert baby into it, safety first.

The Moby Fit looks easier to use than others and in some ways it was. However, I still struggled a bit getting it just right the first couple of times and I got frustrated with it. I still need some practice with it, but I believe it could be a great wrap for baby wearing.

It is priced right, very affordable compared to other baby wearing wraps, so that in itself is a huge plus!

The fabric is easy to wash, it’s light and comfortable to wear. You can use this wrap from newborn to 30 pounds, so it works well for my infant but I wouldn’t be able to carry my toddler in this style. I think my infant was comfortable in the forward facing position more than snuggled against me, but that’s mainly due to her curious little age.

Not my favorite baby wearing carrier but it hangs in the top 5!

Have you tried this Moby Fit Wrap yet? What did you think? Drop me a comment and let me know what your favorite carrier to baby wear is!

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