My Kids

Summer Playtime

It’s officially SUMMER!!

We live in Southern Arizona and it’s hot, seriously it is! It’s been pretty hot for awhile actually. In fact our AC runs almost year round here, because it’s hot!

With it being well over 85, gasp! It’s actually been over 100 degrees already, we need to find ways to keep the kids busy without breaking the bank or killing our sanity.

The mornings and evenings are spent in the shade outside most of the time. However we still have a good 8 hours of them being awake and us spending that time inside. We utilize our porch mostly with a baby pool, water table and chalk.

While playing outside 24/7 is a task a lot of people do, 2 of our kids are young and need to stay out of the heat and sun as much as possible. We really try to avoid peak hours of being outside in this heat.

So far our indoor playtime has involved playing with outdoor toys, indoors. (For my own sanity these outdoor toys have not seen daylight outside due to my fear of hitchhikers coming in with them!) I also try to have my toddler help with small chores around the house, she can clean a sliding glass door at her level pretty well and wipe toys down along with helping me put laundry in the dryer.

Play dough is a popular activity for my toddler. This activity is done only when the baby is napping. Same rules apply with the color wonder markers, which is seriously the best concept ever, thank you Crayola.

I’m not one to let my kids cook with me, I’ll admit I’m a control freak in the kitchen. (Working on that, I swear)

My 1 year old loves to play with her infant toys when her sister is napping, I think she enjoys them more when they are all hers, especially the musical chair.

We do watch TV but it’s mainly a background noise for us. My girls love playing on the floor with cars, balls and anything with music, puzzles and alphabet blocks but alas this is getting pretty boring pretty quickly.

I’m running out of ideas already and the constant triple digits are just around the corner for us. What are you doing to keep your kids busy and keep your sanity?

Please share your ideas with me in the comments 👇

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