My List of MUST Watch Movies Before High School Starts

My oldest daughter is starting high school this fall, so I created a list of movies I think she needs to watch over summer break!

High school is a totally different realm of life compared to middle school.

When you’re entering high school you’re in between this child yet adult phase of your life. Adults treat you like an adult and not a kid but then remind you, you are a kid .

Being a teenager is such a hard phase in life and entering high school is this realization of having 4 years left until you are an ADULT.

While these movies don’t solve all of your teenage problems, some are just a cult classic you need to watch before you enter this new realm of WTF all the time. I think these movies will help ease the pain of entering high school, if not just make you laugh at how strange times once were.

It’s also hot AF outside, so there is nothing like curling up on the couch recovering from a sunburn or all day adventure outside and binging some movies and scarfing down good food, you always need good food with a movie or maybe that’s just me….

  • So here is my list (with help from my friends and polls on my Facebook page) of must watch movies before high school starts in about 6 weeks:
    • The Breakfast Club
      Reality Bites
      Mean Girl’s
      10 Things I Hate About You
      Sixteen Candles
      American Pie
      Dazed and Confused

    While I agree some of the content in these movies can be a bit of an eye opener for some teens, just be there for them if they have questions.

    Happy summer movie watching!

    Would you add anything to the list? Comment below and let me know! 👇

    ❤️, Kristi

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