From the heart, Holiday's Made Simple

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July to you!! I hope you have a wonderful holiday and stay safe!!

As usual, my goal is keeping life simple! We celebrated on July 3rd with our two little girls (oldest is still away) because my husbands work schedule has changed. Besides, they are 1 & 2, they have no idea and won’t be staying up past bed time for fireworks. Ain’t nobody got time for that meltdown!

BBQ, drinks, music, sparklers and water play time is how we celebrated! It was fun, relaxing and we really enjoyed our time together!

I made all our drinks easy to access while we BBQ our favorite foods and spent time outside. We threw enough food on the grill to have leftovers too. I whipped up homemade potato salad, grilled some veggies and steamed some asparagus for the kids too!

Dessert was so simple! We picked up a treat at Walmart, fudge covered Oreos with patriotic sprinkles. They were so good, my husband helped himself before I could get them all on the plate!

Celebrating with kids can be a difficult task, out youngest is teething and was in the worst mood yesterday. Our toddler is in a no nap stage so she was a tad bit on an edge as well. However, water toys for the win! Kids love to be busy and active, no matter what, so we filled up their baby pool and water table to let them play until they had enough. My husband entertained them with some sparklers as well, which was more than enough for our young girls.

This morning, on the 4th I went for a jog then came home to grab my husband and littles for a morning walk before it got too hot. Once we got home, breakfast for the kiddos while I cleaned up the kitchen and my husband washed his car before work.

4th of July Walk

Now our afternoon will be spent inside in the AC since our high today is 102, followed by an evening outback with water toys for the kids before bedtime. Then snuggles with my dog, to keep him calm tonight!

Don’t forget about your furry guys tonight, more pets get lost on the 4th of July than any other day! They are scared of loud noises, be sure to keep them indoors and if you must take them outside, make sure their licenses are on their collar.

What are your plans?

Whatever it may be, I hope y’all have a wonderful and safe holiday!

💥 Kristi

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