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Fruit Safety Tips

It’s summer time and that means it’s the time of year that has the best tasting fruit including our favorites, Watermelon, grapes, blueberries and cherries!

However, I am staying diligent about preparing their fruit properly for our girls!

We don’t allow our kids under 4 to eat fruit without it being properly prepared. Yes, I can spend an hour after a shopping trip to meticulously cut our favorite fruits into quarters, because if it’s big enough to get stuck in their airway, it needs to be cut.

My list of how we prepare fruits, prior to giving to our little ones under 4:

Blueberries – Cut in half or quartered if large enough to do so

Cherries- remove stem and pit

Grapes- quartered and seedless (always)

Watermelon- seedless and IF there are seeds, remove them

Cut up cherries

Also use portion control, small amounts at a time so that they aren’t shoveling fist fills in their mouths and choking on too much food.

Did you know children are more likely to choke on food than anything else? Easily 50% of choking is from food!

I know when our middle daughter aspirated on trail mix back in November of 2018, at the time I didn’t think twice about what I was feeding her because she eats so well, with everything.

Ever since that happened, I’ve been very diligent with what we feed our kids and how it’s prepared prior to them eating.

The AAP has a great list to follow on several different foods, see this page for more information.

It should not be scary to feed our kids their favorite foods but please take precaution!

❤️, K

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