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I did it! I finally got over that little hump of being stuck at 201 for nearly a month and I got to 199.6!

It’s not a big deal for some, but I’m so proud that I made it to ONEDERLAND!! I was at my heaviest a year ago, having my youngest daughter and stayed that weight for months.

I lost the average 15 pounds after pregnancy, pretty quickly, mainly because my daughter weighed nearly 9 pounds. The rest of the 14 pounds hung on! I tried the gym by 9 weeks postpartum and then my gallbladder became defective and I struggled with those issues until December when I had I had surgery to have my gallbladder removed. After a minor set back over the holidays, followed by a hospital stay over New Years, I was finally back home and on restricted eating. Once I could eat regular foods I gained back anything I lost in the surgery. By February I was fed up with myself.

I didn’t start to refocus on losing any more weight until February 23rd of 2019 and I first started that with counting calories, just to see how much I was eating daily. After a week, it was clear I was eating way too much. Nearly 2100 calories a day. That day I weighed 218.3 pounds.

Calorie deficit is key.

Calories in versus calories out is what it is going to take to lose weight. I started out by tracking them reducing calories. Somedays I still struggle with what seems so little to eat, other days I’m so on top of my game it’s awesome.

Stress eating has always been a thing for me. So changing the bad habits is what is needed to keep me going and it is HARD!

I’ve had a couple setbacks but I just keep going even if I screw up a whole day or weekend. My heaviest weight this calendar year was 218.3 pounds and while it’s taking me nearly 4 months to drop almost 19 pounds, at least I’m not giving up.

Cheers to me for making it under 200 pounds even if by ounces, I’m just proud I’m closer to my goal body!


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