Product Reviews

Meet Flamingo, My FAVE Razor

I love this razor.

I love the grip of the handle, the color of the handle, the ease of purchasing this from my FAVE store, Target.

I love the blades, they are strong enough for my thick leg hair and yet soft enough of my skin.

The head of this razor flexes well, so I can get that scary part behind my knee without making the shower look like a murder scene.

I haven’t nicked my knees while shaving since using this beautiful razor, because the head flexes so well over the curves of my body. I am able to shave the hair on my big toe, without an issue due to the great grip of this handle! Shaving my pits with my FAVE Flamingo razor keeps them smooth and tank top ready!

I’ve never loved a razor like I love this razor. Plus, seriously it’s so cute.

You can buy your own Flamingo razor at Target!

I received this item for free, for being a Target Hey Bullseye member and I received it just in time too! I had just broken up with Dollar Shave Club, because I hate their handles! I couldn’t believe that this product would haves shaved so well until I tried it for myself and I’m in love!

❤️, K

I received this item for free, for the purpose of my review. All opinions are my own!

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