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My Experience with Baby Led Weaning

I have three beautiful girls! Each one of them is so different and just as their awesome personalities have been developing since birth, this momma has learned a lot since her first born.

My oldest was born in 2005, what seems like a lifetime ago, is only 14 years. The Pediatrician’s recommendations were different then than they are now, well at least mine are.

First baby, 14 years ago!

With that being said, they did recommend rice cereal in her bottle at 3 months old 😳, purées by 4 months old 😳, breastfeeding wasn’t pushed in the hospital but I tried. Finger foods weren’t recommended until 9 months and whole milk promptly at 12 months.

Did I follow ALL their rules? Nope.

I tried breastfeeding but without support gave into bottles. I tried purées at 4 months and no “finger foods” until 9 months. Except giving her Cheerios at 5 months, in a walker 🤦‍♀️. I did what was recommended by the pediatricians we saw, because I figured they knew best. She was on a bottle until nearly 18 months old. She’s fine, no buck teeth or rotten teeth, loves food regardless of how she started eating. Never choked on a cheerio but had many furry friends chasing her in that walker.

Do I follow their rules now with my younger two? Not all the time, no.

I feel I know more now than I did 14 years ago, with that I know some of the guidelines have changed over the years. This time around, breastfeeding was pushed and they even sent lactation consultants to my recovery room! I tried it with both littles and boy were those both a struggle and I was only able to nurse one of my kids past 6 months! No rice cereal in a bottle, ever. Purées are great, don’t start until baby is sitting up AND there is something called baby led weaning. Also, Don’t forget the Vitamin D drops if you’re breastfeeding! While milk by 12 months old, however my youngest 2 have dairy issues…that’s another story for another time.

Wait what?! What is Baby Led weaning?!

After major research on my part, I spoke to our favorite pediatrician ever (miss her dearly, she moved back to HI to start her family) about Baby led weaning with my 2nd born daughter, who was born in 2017. She was 100% all for it and was excited I wanted to do it, also mentioned she wished others would do BLW.

Baby led weaning (BLW) is the basic idea of feeding baby what you are eating. No, not everything, baby doesn’t want your hot Cheetos. BUT baby will learn how to chew before just swallowing. With purées baby learns to swallow, before chewing their food.

This just clicked so much for me to feed them what we were eating and for the baby to learn how to chew their food (yes even with 0 teeth) before swallowing. I talked it over with my husband and he was totally on board with it too! (Shocking, being his first born, my second)

Second born trying DF pizza at 6 months old

*Fun fact, he was so pleased with the journey, he shared it with others and they did BLW with their little ones too*

Once my daughters were over 6 months old and able to sit up without being assisted, I was able to safely introduce them to real food.

Youngest Eating Eggs & Toast

Sure, it’s scary to see your tiny human with a slice of meat or asparagus spear, but watching them chew and enjoy the process of eating, it was great!

My 2nd born, she grasped this concept so quickly. My 3rd, refused too. She is the baby after all, everything is just so different with her and she eventually came around to eating BLW foods around 9 months old.

Every child develops differently, I’m no expert on this, just a mother of 3 girls.

I do feel BLW was the best option for our kids though this time around, they are great eaters 90% of the time and have been able to try so many wonderful foods since 6 months of age.

I have recommended it to friends, some think I’m crazy and my parents FREAK our when I give our youngest one real food, but to each their own!

Maybe this BLW is an option for you and your little? Maybe purées are best? Whatever you decide, it’ll be messy 😉

Click here for more information on BLW, as always consult with your pediatrician before starting ANY new feeding routines with your little one.

Prior to this post, had you heard of Baby led weaning?


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