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Wait, What Did You Say!?

Catching up with friends can be fun, it’s great to see how everyone in their family is doing. You exchange stories of your loved ones, husband and kids and maybe even pets and then they say something so off the wall, how do you respond?

I was catching up with a friend Via chat the other day, because I commented on a photo of them packing up their house, so I initiated asking if they were moving. We then talked about my girls and jokingly explaining how crazy it can be at times, as she just had explained what was going on there. Then she replied with “I can’t imagine two little ones like you have, I would probably commit suicide!”


How do you even reply to that?

I’ve been through hell and back with postpartum depression and really have contemplated running away from my family and even wondered if they would be better off without me.

Suicide though, that’s extreme. I never thought about offing myself but overall that everyone was better without me around to bring them down, including my kids.

Do you know how many women actually do that because raising a child is to much on them while going through these crazy emotions?

1 out of 19 women who give birth commit suicide within 12 months of delivery.

So I don’t find this a joking matter or to be tossed around.

Like, what the holy fuck?

I didn’t know how to reply, so I said “Ha! It’s a trip, I’m just getting over my postpartum from my last baby, really is tough not having family and friends around during all this”.

Because it is! I have a very supportive husband and we lean on one another during the changes of our life but to seriously say that you would probably commit suicide over having two beautiful babies so close in age? 17 months isn’t that crazy!

For that, I feel extremely sorry for her to have a small mind and that she would joke with such a low blow to those who have struggled and it shows we really aren’t close, because through it all, I don’t remember a call to check in or an offer to visit when in town, just to say hi, how ya doing.

If you are suffering from postpartum depression or know someone who is, please seek help! It’s not too late.

Postpartum Depression information.

Suicide prevention phone number is 1-800-273-8255

Stay well. Be well. ❤️🙏

❤️, Kristi

1 thought on “Wait, What Did You Say!?”

  1. What?! How in the world do people think that’s ok to say to someone? Parenting is hard and it’s hard harder when people are annoying.


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