From the heart

We are moving!

We are so excited to announce we are moving to Florida, to start a new adventure!

This decision wasn’t made lightly, after much consideration and having to go through court proceedings to relocate my oldest daughter out of state, we decided this was best for our family of five.

We’ve been packing, cleaning and busy getting our house ready to go on the market, I haven’t had much time to think straight.

Our house went on the market on July 24th, we’ve already received a few offers and considering those.

Everything is lining up, we have our move out date set and we are headed to our new home in the next week! My husband starts his new job soon after we arrive, I’ll be on a race against the clock to get my oldest enrolled before the first day of school and I need to learn the area like a local.

I’m excited for the adventure ahead and nervous at the same time, any move is nerve racking, be it down the street, across town or in a new state. It’s exciting at the same time though, so many sites to see on our drive across the country, new people, new places and new adventures in our new city.

Stay posted for all the exciting events, I’ll be sure to keep you posted!

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