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Skin Sugar Glitter Tattoo Kit Review

My girls loved using the Skin Sugar Glitter Tattoo Kit, we received from Target.

It was so easy to use and so much fun! The instructions are clear to follow and it is a great toy for older kids, yet with assistance, younger kids can enjoy this too.

I used this first on my 2.5 year old and she thought it was so fun! She wanted to put them all over her body 🤣.

While it can be messy, we found it was fun to use regardless. She chose two tattoos, a smiley face and seashell. She chose the color of glitter she wanted to use and we followed the instructions included. After a bit of a messy start we got the tattoos on, glittered up and worked on brushing off the remaining glitter into the plastic container that holds all the products together in the box. (This helped me contain the glitter mess and keep cleaning up simple!)

The tattoos lasted about 4 days, before they started to fall apart during bath time. I found them easy to remove with baby oil on her skin.

I think this would make a very fun activity at a birthday party or holiday event to keep the kids busy, my only pointer would be to buy more glitter (unless you know how to ration it better than I do). It would also be a fun gift to give to a child ages 6-11.

The product is affordable at $9.99 per kit, again it is just lacking enough glitter to use all the tattoos included.

I received the Savvi Skin Sugar Glitter Tattoo Kit from a Target sampling program, all opinions listed are my own.

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