From the heart

On a Crazy Train….

Do you ever get a song stuck in your head and yet it’s so close to your real life, you have to stop and think about it?

Okay, maybe my life isn’t like a Crazy Train by Ozzy, but some days it’s such a cluster fuck I don’t know which way I’m actually going.

Moving across the country wasn’t as crazy as it sounds.

Really. I expected the worst.

My girls all behaved as well as they could in a car with a few stops a day and sleeping in a hotel for a couple nights. It was chaotic in the usual way of being in a new place, no data for the teenager part of the way through Texas, but meltdowns were minimal…..until we arrived to our new home.

The trip went so well, I knew something bad was around the corner.

I wasn’t wrong. (Hardly ever am)

We arrived on a Tuesday night, we walked into a home and found out the fridge wasn’t working and trash hadn’t been picked up in awhile. The air flow was blocked in one of the kids rooms. The last rental company didn’t have the cleaning crew do their job and if they did I would not recommend them because it appears they did NOTHING.

Wednesday we unpacked and tried to get settled in to make this house feel like home as soon as possible, however I had to get to the school in enroll my teenager for high school which was starting the following Monday. We took care of everything that needed to be done, by Thursday the shit show started.

I was getting ready to follow my husband to return the moving truck on Thursday and my car wouldn’t start. &%$# seriously? Thankfully my husband goes to fix that in enough time for me to go to an interview (I didn’t get the job), we had a new fridge being delivered and the floors professionally cleaned all at the same time AND OF COURSE THEY ARRIVED AT THE SAME TIME.

Friday my husband has to report to his new job, great I was stuck in this new home in a new city all by myself with 3 kids. My husband got home before 5 (yay!) and we commenced with the weekend!

I had to hem pants, iron clothes for the following Monday and I also needed stay focused with cleaning and unpacking. We also ran errands for my husband, to get a few work items.

School started Monday, my oldest started High School and was able to ride the bus to school, which is so wonderful when you have other kids at home!

I made it to the DMV or as Florida refers to it as the “Tax Collectors office” and switched over my drivers license and registered to vote. Also was informed it will be over $400 to register just my vehicle. 🙄

Made it to Thursday where I applied for a new job posting with the city and then Friday I went down to the college to enroll in Fall classes but wasn’t able to do so, because I’m still considered an out of state student.

Friday I also got a call from my banks fraud department to inform me my bank card is being compromised and it was cancelled.


Because why the fuck wouldn’t it be.

So in the nearly two weeks we’ve moved, most things have gone well and then immediately sour.

To top off my Monday, I also received an email about the job I had such a GOOD feeling about, that they chose another candidate, 2 days after the job was posted and after I was told they wouldn’t be doing interviews until September….

Excuse me while I go inhale some salty air and calm myself down.

❤️, K

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