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My Weight Loss Journey Continues

It’s been nearly a month since I weighed myself, or really tracked calories and worked out…. but life has been so crazy with visiting my parents before we moved, packing and cleaning our Arizona home and then packing up and zipping across the country to Florida before school started!

Wow, hold on, let me catch up.

Yes, I have excuses. I’ve been watching my portions, I ain’t mad about it. Life isn’t always cut and paste how we want it. It’s a mess.

BUT I’m glad to say I didn’t gain any weight, still under my 200 goal I met awhile ago. I’m actually at 198, it’s also my period week, so whoop whoop!

Hydration is key!! Seriously, drench that body of yours. It wants it and needs it.

Portion control has been key, especially when traveling…we arrived late to every place we stayed during the trip, so our dinner options weren’t great but I managed.

I’m not perfect at this, I’ve definitely had a lot of comfort food in recent days but I’m getting back on track and praying I can incorporate some exercise outside of the house very soon!

Whatcha doing to stay in track?

Happy weight loss journey!

❤️, K

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