My Kids

Let Them Get messy, Let them Learn

My kids are amazing and with them being super amazing, they are always learning!

From our 1 year old to our 14 year old, they are learning different things all the time. I love helping them learn along this journey and sometimes that means letting them get messy.

Our motto is “Let them get messy, let them learn.”

Yesterday, while shopping at our FAVE store Target, my 2.5 year old saw undies and insisted on them! I thought, no this will be a waste, we are here for pull ups because you aren’t ready to use the potty (we tried a few weeks ago). She was convincing enough for me to buy the undies with one of her favorite movie characters.

Once we got home, I didn’t think much of it and went on about our afternoon. She insisted to put them on. So I put them on her and watched carefully sitting next to her, I learned her habits quickly and then she pooped in the potty. 💩🙌🏻

Our youngest this morning is learning to drink from a big girl cup, while this can be a total disaster (which it is), she is trying something new and catching on. She is soaked with soy milk at the moment as I write this, but she is trying her best and learning how to do things on her own.

Just with learning to feed themselves, go the bathroom and playing on their own, they will get messy and it’s okay.

The best thing we can do is be their biggest supporters and cheerleaders when they are ready to learn something new.

Now please excuse me while I go mop of soy milk and wipe butts.

❤️, Kristi

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