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Good Intentions Crushed

I went to bed last night with intentions of getting up today and working out, meal prepping and feeling great.

Instead I feel in a fog, slept in while my husband handled the girls and I’m still in my pjs at 10:15am, sipping coffee.

All good intentions to get my ass back in gear and yet I’m so drained.

Maybe because I stayed up late cleaning or because my period is going to start? Or maybe this is just how most moms feel because their children suck the life out of them 24/7 ?

Maybe it’s just a touch of all those things? Whatever it is, it feels close to impossible to do the things I need to do?

Life sure gets busy with three kids but I’ve always been an advocate for taking care of myself too, but here I am again, lost with where to begin on MY self care.

I can be honest with myself and with you, I have been eating poorly and not working out, this is okay though. I’m human, I make mistakes. BUT I don’t like it.

In fact I was eating so poorly and not drinking my required amount of water and my body paid for it this past Thursday! I had the worst stomach ache, body ache and couldn’t even go the bathroom. A few fiber chews, laxatives and liter of coconut water I got some relief. THAT is not okay! Pure torture having that type of pain in my stomach and I don’t like it.

So I took that as a reset and I’ve been eating very well since then and keeping my water intake up!

Maybe this evening I will feel different and take the kids on a long walk or maybe I’ll go do some cardio while they play.

I know I’m the toughest critic on myself, because that’s my job. I know I can do better. I’ve done it. I’m still watching my weight but my biggest enemy is how my clothes fit and to be honest, they are snug.

What do you struggle with the most? Food? Exercise? Sleep? Self care?

Let me know, we can share our strengths and our weaknesses.

Stay well.

❤️, Kristi

2 thoughts on “Good Intentions Crushed”

  1. This was much needed for me to read today. You are right we put everything into our kids that we forget we are in need as well. To better our kids we need to make sure we take care of ourselves as well. I struggle with my mental health and feeling horrible about my outward appearance. I need to remember to put time into myself. I’ve been trying to eat right and get into a better mindset but it’s tough. Everything goes on the back burner for kids and my husband. As I’m writing this and thinking on this I’m shoving McDonalds down my throat because it’s tough to stay on course with so much being thrown my way. It needs to stop. I need to do better and get better for everyone’s sake ☺️❤️


    1. You got this girl! For every step back just take two steps forward in the right direction. Balancing it all is hard but we will get there together!! Struggling with mental health is no joke, I’ve struggled with postpartum and depression off and on for years. so you need to find something you love and do that daily to help ease those symptoms and by all means please see a professional for help. Don’t be ashamed for taking care of yourself. How are you going to take care of others if you aren’t around?

      Xoxo 😘


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