From the heart

I’m Working Again!

So I recently went back to work, sort of.

It’s not what I typically do, which was administrative assistant/secretary work. This is a part time job in retail. I haven’t worked in retail since I was 19!

That being said, not much has changed! Upping the sale is important for the bottom line. Not my strongest aspect, not gonna lie.

However organizing items and putting things back constantly makes me feel like I’m at home with my kids. 😂

I’m working at a home decor store, not the brightest idea I had because I go home each night I work telling my husband all the cute things I want to buy.

I went back to work part time to dip my foot into how I’ll feel leaving our little girls when I go back full time. #noregrets so far.

The girls are at home when my husband is off work, which means I’m only gone a few hours a week. It’s been great so far, since we are new to the area, this is allowing me to meet other people, get out of the house and actually contribute to our savings! (Permitting I don’t buy all the cute things)

I’ve enjoyed it for the two weeks I’ve been doing it so far. It’s a nice break from my everyday norm and I appreciate that mental break.

I can’t wait to go back to work full time, eventually. This for now is great to help me interact with other adults for now, which is in fact a true reality when you’ve been a stay at home for awhile (3 years for me), you don’t interact with other adults much. You forget how to even talk to others and just spew stupidness when you do finally speak to someone. So this has helped me with that. 😊

Me! On my first day of work in over 3 years!

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