From the heart

React or Overreact

Would you overreact when someone tells you, you are depressed?

How would you react to that statement?

You would know if you are depressed right? You are the one in charge of your mind and body. Not this person claiming you are depressed, who doesn’t deal with what you do on a daily basis.

To claim someone is depressed, well unless you are a doctor or close loved one, you have absolutely no right to do so.

We have clinical depression, postpartum depression, seasonal depression, bipolar depression and so forth. So many different names and different classifications for depression.

However, when someone claims you are depressed when you know you are not and that it’s situational issues causing your foul mood, how do you react?

You could overreact for sure. That’s easy to do, that’s when you snap at that person and tell them to FUCK off because it’s none of their business and claim you are not depressed.

You could explain the situation, that you feel like you’ve explained over and over to them.

Or you can react. Listen to what they are saying, speak you piece and move forward. Not everyone will understand you, and that’s okay. Not everyone needs too. You need to have a plan.

Sometime’s it is good to get the outsider’s opinion, sometime’s it really helps. However, sometimes it’s a rude comment and not taken lightly. Maybe you are depressed, maybe you really do need help or maybe you just need that financial security, that job you’ve wished for or a place that feels like home and life can begin.

Whatever it is, I hope you find your peace and make peace with that person as well, if they are a valuable part of your life. If they aren’t, make peace with yourself, within that brain of yours and keep doing what you need to do.

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