Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!! 🎃

Even though I’m not into Halloween because I’m terrified of horror films and clowns. Plus I don’t do scary!

I do decorate a little but always kid friendly. I do let my kids celebrate. All three dressed up, we even have a shirt for the pup!

Our big girl went to a Halloween party and my little girls had no clue/concept of what Trick or Treating is. They are under 3, they don’t need candy anyways.

Since my husband was working, I was in charge of handling this chaos on one of the worst nights to be out driving but I managed just fine!

I dropped the big kid off at her friends party and took my two littles to return something in the mall and then walked around Target, because Target is my happy place and my middle daughter loves Target too. The girls got stickers and coloring pages while we were at Carter’s and then offered candy at Target. Super cute!

We picked up the big girl earlier than she wanted but she had a blast! We love this community we live in and she sure loves her friends.

Picked up fries for the girls and came home to raid the big girls candy, which mommy tax earned me 2 fun size snickers and a fun size Kit Kat to split with the littles.

Little girls as Jessie & a Fairy!

S as Joel from Risky Business

❤️, K

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