My Kids

My toddlers won’t STFU

I don’t know what is in the air this week but it’s causing my toddlers to be extra annoying!

I can handle a lot, laugh off a lot and if needed go cry quietly when overwhelmed.

However this week, these two little ones have pushed my buttons and I’m about to lose my cool.

I can handle a lot with them, they are 17 months apart and super cute. They are active and busy little girls. But for whatever reason, they are acting like lunatics.

I know Halloween was last week, but guess what? Being toddlers they don’t get candy. So I can’t blame it on that:

Maybe it’s the time change? But then again I wonder how is that really messing with them? I’ve given I’m to early bedtimes and naps.

Maybe it’s just the ages? Charlotte is getting closer to 3, Mackenzie is getting closer to 18 months.

Or maybe in fact they actually need to go socialize in a preschool or daycare setting?

I don’t know what it is but my golly, they are driving me a tad bit crazy.

This too shall pass….

❤️, K

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