From the heart, My Kids

Navigating Relationships

At any age in life, you can find it difficult to navigate a relationship. I find myself having this conversation with my oldest daughter. She thought she was ready for a boyfriend (again). I pleaded no and gave her a million and one reasons why this wasn’t necessary when you start a new school, let alone start high school, make friends and find out who you are at 14 years old in our new life in Florida.

While most of that went in one ear and out the other, she said they were just friends and taking it slow. Fast forward a couple weeks she wakes up on Saturday morning and tells me she broke up with this boy. I know my daughter very well and I trust her decisions. I wasn’t surprised that she broke up with him and frankly I’m happy she did. As for dating in high school, I’m completely against it.

Let me explain why.

I dated a few boys in high school, I also had lots of different friends, I wasn’t popular but I loved hanging out with all sorts of people. My daughter is the same, she has tons of friends in her new high school from all different backgrounds.

When I turned 16, I was in a BAD relationship and I never want any of my girls to experience what I went through. This guy played mind tricks on me and physically hurt me on a few occasions. I remember one argument he said he wanted to knock me up so i can’t leave him. (Sick)

I broke up with him.

So yes, I’m a proud mom and relishing in this moment because she took charge of a situation when she felt uncomfortable.

While she is dealing with the drama at school with others in her class asking her “why?” Over it and prying in her business, I love how she holds her own and replies it’s none of their business.

I have told her to brush it off and she doesn’t need that drama at 14 or ever. I am proud of her for sticking up for herself, making new friends and deciding “dating” just isn’t her thing and being a hermit is.

Navigating any relationship is hard and completely unnecessary in high school. I hope she decides she can wait for any serious relationship until she is older.

❤️, K

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