From the heart

Home Sick with Sick kids

What I thought was a cold and was hoping a few days home for Thanksgiving would clear it, ended up coming back (or never really leaving) and I when I went to urgent care due to a severe sore throat I was told I got sinusitis and pharyngitis.

Our girls seemed to be doing better until the fevers broke out over Sunday. Monday morning our oldest broke out in a fever too. We took them (all 3 of them) to the pediatrician for answers.

Is this just a cold? What the hell!

They all have fluid build up in their ears from congestion and appear to have sinusitis too.

My husband started to feel bad Monday and I told him to just go to Urgent care after work, so he did. He has acute pharyngitis.

I feel like I should have caught on to this sooner, but I thought it was just a cold from daycare.

How did I not know? I guess I can beat myself up over this but it is what it is. We all have pharyngitis and sinusitis to some point. We are all 5 on antibiotics and some of us have other medicine to take too.

It’s been disgusting to say the least 🤧.

We’ve used lots of tissues, nasal decongestant and hot steamy showers to try and get some relief.

Our girls and I have been out of work and school (doctors orders) for a few days until their fevers disappear and they’ve had at least 48 hours of antibiotics.

I’m exhausted, physically, mentally and emotionally. It’s tough to take care of myself sick and missing work at a new job gives me major guilt but having my 3 girls sick and suffering from this discomfort and disgusting illness just sucks. I want to take it away from them all so they are well and able to enjoy just being. Plus no one is sleeping either. Myself or my husband is coughing. One of the girls is awake and crying or fussing.

It’s been crazy here, I suggest staying far away until this sh!t passes. Hopefully soon.

❤️, K

P.S. Please send tissues and some sanity…

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