From the heart

Without A Warning

The other day I completely did something I try my damndest not to do.

I got watery eyed with frustration over my new job.

I was watching the clock and noticing I was already over the time I should have clocked out, I needed to go get my girls and get on the commute home.

I couldn’t figure out this paperwork for the life of me and it got the best of me. In a flustered huff I asked for help and explained I needed to go ASAP to get my kids.

Mainly it was so that I wouldn’t have a meltdown at work.

I’m completely overwhelmed with my new job, while I’m learning and remind myself (daily) I can only do what I’m taught, I’m overwhelmed that there is so much to do and still to learn and no time to learn this.

I left work in tears by the time I got to my car, ready to walk away.

Why am I being an emotional mess?!

I can handle stress, I’m a mom, wife and our life is less than perfect. What the hell?

Come lunch time yesterday I notice my damn period started and thought to myself “no wonder I was being a crying little bitch”.

Does this happen to anyone else?

Everything is fine and then one little inconvenience sets you off. Then your period comes and you’re like “that evil bitch got me without a warning!”

Maybe that was my warning?

Regardless, I didn’t quit, I showed back up. Got my emotions in check too.

❤️, K

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