Health & Wellness

One year Post Op

One year ago I had surgery to remove my gallbladder. 🩹

So much has changed in a year. Mainly physically but emotionally too.

I’ve lost nearly 30 pounds, rewired my thinking with food and I’ve learned about a lot of foods that do not agree with me.

I wasn’t in a good place when this happened, but I’m doing better. ❤️

The first 6 months were rough, I’m not kidding. I could eat something and be sent straight to the bathroom. 😩

The past 6 months, that has eased up but I’ve learned I cannot tolerate nuts, seeds and onions. I’m so bummed because those are some of my favorite foods or ingredients to use in meals.

The scars I received from the 3 incisions have faded but are still visible.

As a whole, I’m making better food choices and glad to move forward. I don’t want a repeat of last year with New Year’s Eve through New Years in the hospital.

I still have a hard time eating the foods that sent me to the hospital for gallbladder attacks, even though I know I don’t have one.

Hopefully 2020 is even healthier than 2019 has been.

❤️, K

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