From the heart

Mr. Right to the Rescue

Sometimes we aren’t our best and need someone to point it out. For me, that is Mr. Right, my husband.

His name is Mr. Right, for many reasons, funny enough it’s not because he is always right…because he isn’t. For me, I named him that during a rough time after I got divorced and I met MY MR. Right. He is Right for me, right for many reasons and has always been in the right place when I need him.

He puts our little family first and that’s one reason I love him so much. He rescues me from myself, many times. Most recently I was stuck in a hard place, do what is expected of me, the normal day to day get up early and go to work with a commute to a job I less than desired, work all day, pick up our little girl’s and listen to them cry the whole commute home. No amount of snacks, favorite songs or look what I see games could fix this. 6 weeks into this job I didn’t feel right for, I lost it. I took a mental health day for myself (actually Mr. Right told me too) and after my cooling down from the stress and anxiety of this job and these awful feelings, we decided it was best if I quit this job and stayed home with our girl’s until something better came along.

Yes, it sounds crazy to some but no job is worth the stress and anxiety for it. I just wasn’t right for it for many reasons even though I liked the people I worked with.

My husband and I have had this amazing connection since day one of meeting, he is always the person I run too with concerns, questions, jokes and emotions. He is my rock, my better half, my soul mate, my heart and my Mr. Right.

I feel so misplaced in life since having my two younger kids and wanting to go back to work but wanting to be home with them for every moment. It’s a hard place to be. Hopefully we can figure it out. But for now my Mr keeps saving me.

Life is messy, so who is your Mr or Mrs right? That person you trust with everything? Comment below 👇

❤️, Kristi

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