Product Reviews

Winter Skin Revival

We’ve had our share of winter weather down here in Florida and my hands have been feeling the dryness in the air.

I decided to whip out the good stuff and do some Winter Skin Revival the other night and thought I would share this product I love so much.

Burt’s Bees Hans Salve is AMAZING! Seriously a must have for anyone suffering from dry winter skin.

I applied this prior to going to bed so that I wouldn’t feel “greasy” and wash my hands right away. I’m glad to say that one night using this, restored my hands back from the dry winter skin into a much softer hands.

The scent is mild, the salve is thick and a small amount goes a long way. It’s affordable and I mostly find it when buying Burt’s Bees gift bags that are filled with other amazing products.

You can find this at your local drug store, box store and sometimes nice boutique pharmacies.

What do you use to restore dry skin?

❤️, K

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