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Love Lettering Book Review

I just finished reading Love Lettering, by Kate Clayborn.

I’m honored to have been selected by She Speaks to read this book and to share this book on Social media, since I received the book for free. I have had the pleasure of doing this before and really enjoyed broadening my reviews.

Let me start off saying I LOVE reading witty romantic comedies, this has been my go to for the past 16 years.

However, I have to admit this story is pretty slow starting out, sure we get the basics of the characters, backgrounds and relations but honestly it dragged on for me for several chapters.

While reading any book, I typically like to think of familiar faces that resemble the description of these characters and that’s how I portray these characters in my head. While reading Love Lettering, I picture the main character Meg to resemble one of my favorite actresses Zooey Deschanel, her best friend Sibby seems more of a downer in this story and I would picture someone along the lines of Emma Roberts. As for Avery, I’m thinking she would resemble Blake Lively. Onto the man of the hour, Reid, I’m leaning towards Liam Hemsworth look alike.

Back to my review, I felt the story dragged on in the beginning and I really had to force myself to read this book. Yes it is set up well, just a little too dry for me in the beginning which made it boring. The author explains how they met and how this peculiar situation turns into an odd situation and these cute meetings are arranged with the two main characters and how that spirals into something more. Around chapter 10 it really starts to pick up and I finally felt interested and engaged in the story and at that point I didn’t want to set my book down.

I followed through each page after another waiting to see what happened next, the friendships, opportunities and romance kept me turning pages and craving something more. I will have to say I wasnt as shocked by the ending as I probably should be, I had a hunch all along. Seriously, it will make you finish the book in one sitting, just to see what happens!!

If you had the opportunity to read Love Lettering, share your thoughts with me 👇 in the comments.

If you would like to purchase a copy of this book click this link HERE!

❤️, K

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